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Count us in on the class action law suit. We were told when we purchased our property that they hoped if we ever wanted to sell our property, that we would sell it back to them. Now, because of changing circumstances, we tried to do just that. We were told that we are responsible for finding a buyer: they are only in the business of selling properties.

Their option is to deed the property back to them--for which we would receive nothing. This is a real scam!!

We also pay more for maintenance fees every year than we ever get back out of our membership!

Jim and Pat

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We are a group of more than 60 people who have been victimized by Shell Vacations Club (SVC), a company whose headquarters is located in Illinois (40 Skokie Blvd. Suite 350, Northbrook, IL 60062; Telephone: 847-564-4600), with branch offices located in California (SVC-West branch in California, 2770 Taylor, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94133, Tel: 415-775-9601), Hawaii, and some other states, and Equiant Financial Services (4343 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 270, Scottsdale, AZ 85251-3352. Tel: 800-447-1760), a payment-collecting agency for SVC.

We understand that SVC is continuing their fraudulent business activities on a daily basis right now. Hundreds of people have been victimized, and more will fall into the trap of SVC’s misrepresentations and fraud if we don’t take actions to prevent this from happening. Your support would be essential for our efforts in seeking justice and protecting other potential victims.

We will continue our legal fighting to cancel fraudulent contracts with SVC, recover our financial losses, and most importantly, stop the fraudulent and illegal activities of SVC.

If you would like to join our legal action and lawsuit against SVC, please e-mail us at, then we will contact you for detailed next step we do. Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter!


SVC Complaint and lawsuit group

to A letter to SVC Victims #1178267

Please include us in this complaint.

We have tried innumerable times to exit this Timeshare.

The trade that we attempted to make only gave us back the deed after finding that it wasnt worth it to pay their lawyers the moeny it would take to make the transfer.

Additionally, we continue to pay for the Timeshare and cannot get a satisfactory location when we have resolved ourselves to use it. The properties we shown to us in their "booklet of ample Crowne quality vacatins stays".

There are a number of exciting locations to visit, but getting them booked is nearly impossible. Though Arizona offered a very nice location, we were shocked at the San Antonio location. The properties that disappoint are abundant.

While they are friendly to greet you and drive you mad with requests to have an "update tour", the hospitality from the sales crew disappears once you decline.

We do own time with other companies, and this is not an unusual occurance. The added insult to injury is this treatment in addition to the less than stellar property condition.

Thank you. Mindy


Ok, so I feel sorry for everyone who got cheated. We recently bought some Shell Vacation points and didn't have a bad experience.

We went in knowing that the person that was talking to us is a SALES person, its there job to sell you the most point they can at the biggest price.

Do your research first, and don't be mad at the company, you should go find the sales person who got a nice fat commision check off you and let them know how you feel! Come people...think!


I am extremely bummed about this whole deal...we were 'briefly' explained about how what we would pay monthly, including maintenance fees..we have taken one vacaton with our family to Hawaii, and that was ok...I think that we would have done better on our own....

We pay close to $500 a month, which is auto debited from our account...I was under the assumption that this included our maintenance....the next thing you know, we are in collection for maintenance owed!!..I tried calling on several occasions to discuss this, but NOBODY had any clue on how to discuss this..I left SEVERAL messages for a higher 'up' to call me back, with no call backs...I do, however, get calls from MERIDIAN, their collection agency for maintenance, on a daily, almost hourly basis...this one woman, I believe her name was Phyllis at the 'agency' was about as nasty as can be....I tried to explain what I believed to be true of the auto debit of the above mentioned out of our account monthly..even to this date that this was how I perceived from our 'tween' type salesperson...she could care less..she wants her $2000.00 in maintenance for the year of 2008..and she wants it now...God knows what they think that we owe now in maintence...we never received any statements for maintenance, so I believed that this was all inclusive in our MONTHLY AUTO DEBIT!! What are supposed to do???

I feel like we were completely SCREWED by this company...we are facing tough economical times, and I want to hang on to our HOUSE not this piece of *** thing that we pay out of butts for!!!

PLEASE someone advise....we need out, and I want money back....this, in my opinion is a complete SCAM, and they are making out, while folks like us are suffering!!!...I tried to talk to them about selling back to them, and they want nothing to do with that...HELP!! XOXO


We are a groupof suffer and being abused by SVC. We have two attorneys in California and they plan to have legal action and lawsuit against SVC, to assist us to legally cancel contract with SVC, get money back, and request compensation for being abused, deception, and scammed from SVC. If you are interested to join this class-action suit against SVC, please contact me via:


I have complete experience as you. The end result was we paid total $12,299 for 1750 points in April 2009, which can only let us get 2 to 3 days vacation in Hawaii in 2010, and we need to buy more points, instead of we were told that 1,750 points could reserve a location including Hawaii from 7 to ten days any time before we signed the contract and made the payment; We can only call toll free SVC member card # 1-877-shell-10 two times per year for free to make reservation, and we will be charged $ 25 each time after two time calls, this had not been stated in my contract;

After I disputed with SVC and requested them to cancel my membership, and refund money back because of their misrepresentations and fraud. They were rudeness than what you think, they refused to cancel and also threatened to ruin my credit if we cancel. The most upset me and let me feel angry is that they did ruin my best credit record by reporting to collecting agents in September 2009 via abusive, deceptive, and unfair collection that I still owed them $ 11, 037 balance. The truth is that I already paid SVC total $12, 299 to buy 1,750 points. The SVC did send me the confirmed letter dated 05/27/2009 to state that our purchase agreement with SVC had been pain in full.

I already contacted the attorneys California and they plan to have legal action and lawsuit against SVC, to assist us to legally cancel contract with SVC, get money back, and request compensation for being abused, deception, and scammed from SVC. If you plan to join this class-action suit against SVC, please contact me via:


I agree with the scam; but I also fault myself into not checking online. I believed my friends who are members, but they own a fraction of what we bought.

No selling back to Shell either -- I think we should stand outside the door when they are giving presentations with a sign to sell our points.

With the economy slump, it costs us too much to get to any of the Shell locations.

Correct about banking and losing points!

Legally, I don't believe we have a leg to stand on. I think the best way to have a voice is to picket their presentation locations!


Count us in, too. We feel so cheated on this purchase.

Not only has it been difficult to use our points, but we've found the properties to be lackluster and depressing (Plaza de los Pelicanos was so bad we had to check out).

We also want to sell back our points to Shell but have had no luck. Any news on a lawsuit?


Oh boy! I feel like a fool.

I got my husband and I into this believing that this was the answer for vacations for our big family. We came to find out that everything they told us was not true. First, they said that we could fit our big family in a two bedroom village, room whatever you want to call it and that we could put as many people as we wanted. When we tried to book a vacation for our big family we find out that we only could accommodate 6 people.

Second they told us that we could accumulate the points every year to go on our dream vacation. Yeah right! we only can bank points one year at a time and we have to use the points of the previous year or we can loose those points... so much for that dream vacation!

The points are worthless for the amount of money we have paid Shell we could it have gone to our dream vacation. So yeah if someone is planning a class action suit count us in.

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