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We purchased SVC in San Francisco CA. After a whirlwind of fast talk, lies and several hours we purchased what they convinced us was going to be a wonderful lifetime of vacations at virtually anywhere in the world.

The books they use to do the sales pitch are NOT the ones you receive in the mail. To begin with we did not get the paperwork in the mail until AFTER the time that we could resend the contract. The paperwork was shoved at us so fast with paraphrasing done that glossed over the facts. When we tried to read it we were hurried and not given the time to read, just told what it was because the time was late and we were exhausted.

We were told we could stay at the Fishermans Wharf and have tried to book for the last 4 years and have not been able to get a room. Told they are full. Since have found out that in fact SVC does not own these resorts but only has a block of inventory that it can use for re-rental. The value of the points continues to be of less value than purchased for.

All in all I can't even begin to tell you of the list of deceitful practices they use and not until you get into it and are able to study the books do you realize it. What you are told and the truth are as far apart as you could possibly get. When you call Customer Care the person you need is ALWAYS out of the office that day, never returns your call, and you can call anytime of the day, week or month and it is to no avail. We were told we could rent our points out if we wanted to but not only you can't rent them you can't give them away.

Am looking for class action lawsuit, and going to attorney general for help as well as Fair Trade Commission. I don't care how much we have lost, all I want now is to get out of contract and pay for my own vacations PLUS have money leftover. SVC and Equiant are blood suckers.

There is an old saying that you can tell a man to go to *** but if you tell him in the right tone of voice he will look forward to the trip. They use the right tone of voice for sure.

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Gar ..take a look and you will see a posting here regarding a Class Action suit that was filed against Shell. It will detail many allegations of fraud regarding this company and specific facts about how they do business.

it will give you insight into their "Scam". You may want to start your own class action as well. It would not be hard to find others to join it once it is filed . .

by just filing here and on other such websites. Maybe when you talk to customer relations they can fill you in on all the allegations within the lawsuit complaint .

. they are very specific and horrifying.


If it looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken and talks like a chicken it is a chicken. Time share is time share.

If you were hurried by some sales rep and your paper work was late and you can document those dates just give them to your lawyer and have your lawyer contact the company.

You should get a full refund. Usually the companies reputation is more important than one sale.


I have been a Shell member since 2002 and am having a hard time agreeing with any of these reviews. Everything was explained to us - multiple times and we purchased in Hawaii - fees are more expensive there.

I have enjoyed my last 10 years and I use my points with Shell to the greatest potential. I have kept a spread sheet of all I/we have travelled in the last 10 years and the timeshare has more than paid for itself - after 5 years. It saddens me that people can't enjoy it like I do.

I hope anyone interested in Shell will go into it with an open mind. One shouldn't even be at a presentation unless one is truly interested in purchasing.

Majella Fahy


You should post on this site and others like it searching for others to join you in a class action lawsuit. If you can gather 15-20 initial plaintiffs .

. . then go to a lawyer and they will be very interested in the case. Then once the case is actually filed .

. post on sites and it will be very easy to get many more to join it. Law firms are very interested if there are lots of potential members of a class action suit as it gives them the power to negotiate for many at one time .

. and to maximize their recovery.

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