East Helena, Montana

In October 2009 I received a message from one of your employees that my points had been merged. I had 2 banks of points. Steffani Trazzi's email to me said

"Hello Valerie,

Anna did receive your fax and the accounts have been merged. Your membership ID number is CACA06722500. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Thank you

Stefanie Terrazas

Internet Fulfillment Specialist

Shell Vacations Club

600 W Chicago Ave Suite 690

Chicago, IL 60654

Toll Free 877.Shell. 10 opt 3


Now much to mmu surprise I find that when I banked my points this year, it did not include all of them. I had to try and schedule a vacation on short notice. WWell, My plan did not work and I had to change my reservation,. This cost me 20% point reduction and $25.00. Not to mention that I couldn't use all of the points so they just disappear. I want my points merged to one account so that I don't have to manage two. Your staff said it happened and now again, The customer pays. Please put the 20% points back on my account and credit my credit card. This was not my mess, it was yours!

Valarie Manolovits

Acct# Account Number: 101001784216 Member ID: CACA06722500

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Hello Valarie,

Thank you for letting us know of your situation. We believe there may be some miscommunication as we show that all of your points have been banked. We will call you personally to discuss this so your account information is not revealed here online. Also, we would kindly ask you to remove this post as a measure of security as your pertinent account information is listed here and we do not want to see your account breached in any way, shape or form.

Thank you again and we will be in touch shortly.


Shell Vacations Club

Customer Care Department


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