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I signed up to attend a presentation and because of my marital status, I was not allowed to go in. I was told to come back with my spouse or when I was divorced!

I sorry, but I don't understand how I can buy REAL property without my spouse, but I can't even see a timeshare presentation without him. Shell Vacations better wake up to the fact that women in this country are closing the gap on salaries earned and we are certainly the country's primary consumers.

Additionally, even if I were still with my spouse, he would follow my lead as to whether or not this would be a thoughtful purchase for our lifestyle. Shell Vacations as well as any other companies espousing these policies should take a look at who their consumers really are.

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Please be advised company policy requires married couples to attend presentations together. We ensure to inform members of this policy in writing prior to check in. Since you informed the front desk agent that you are legally married and not separated, you did not qualify for the presentation. The sales agent was willing to make a one-time exception and allow you to attend anyways, but I understand you chose against it. Therefore, we issued a full refund of your deposit.

Please be assured we take discrimination allegations very seriously. However, we were simply following company policy and procedure. We are very sorry if you were made to feel discriminated against as this is never our intention. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and misunderstanding.

Thank you,

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