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I registered for a Shell Vaction Lecture with a sales rep at the hotel I was staying at. She promised that it would only last 90 minutes.

She further stated that a timer would be set to assure that the salesperson would not go over the alloted time. When I got there a timer was no where to be found. What was supposed to be 90 minutes turned into 180 minutes. The salesman had no regard for my time.

After three hours (180 minutes) I stated how much time is left?

The salesman abruptly stated "if you want to go you could go.

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Hi everybody,

I bought shell vacations club membership on 09-03-2006. But it is complete swindle. The total price for the membership is $30239.00 and $1150.10 annual maintenance fee (they call it assessment). What I got is 7000 points/year which equal 4 weeks vacation time including everything (airfare, food, car rental…) that’s the sales told me.

I tried to book my first vacation on 09/15/2006. Their customer service told me the points can be only used for club properties, but it can be converted to purchase airfare something and the 7 points equal 1 dollar. That totally different than the sales representative told me. It’s a absolutely a trick. I pay $30239.00 plus $1015.10 every year and then I got $1000(7000points) back per year.

After figure out the whole store, I contacted shell vacation club to cancel this purchase at the same day (09/15/2006). But they don’t allow me to cancel it.

I wanna hire an attorney to fight with this company. If you have any information please share with us.

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