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I own two properties with Shell and very disappointed.I pay a yearly resort fee that's suppose to cover your reservations but if you go over two reservations you have to pay to cancel or book another reservation.

I think this is ridiculous. When I purchased the property this was not told to me nor did they tell me about the additional resort fees. I want to be included in the law suit. I fell this is unfair.

you pay $1000's for the property as a vacation home and you can't use it when you want.Sad

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We're very sorry to hear of your displeasure with transaction fees. We certainly feel we can help clear up this situation as transaction fees are not necessarily charged after the second transaction. There are ways in which you can make multiple transactions without paying a fee, which we would be happy to discuss with you. We do completely understand your frustration as no one likes additional fees. However, we would like to explain that transaction fees are in no way an effort to "line Shell's pockets". These fees are directly applied to the operational costs of your reservation services, enabling you to book through our Central Reservations department and online. Without such fees, our Central Reservations service would not exist and we would not be able to book our members on vacations. So, while perhaps not necessarily enjoyable, they are a necessity for the proper operation of your membership as maintenance fees only pay for the operation of the resorts, not Central Reservations.

We hope this has helped clear up a bit of the confusion as to the purpose and facilitation of these fees. If you would like to discuss this further and see how you can make nultiple transactions without a fee, please contact us in Customer Care at 888-947-4355 or by email at customercare@shellvacationsclub.com. It would be our pleasure to assist in any way we can.


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