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My husband and I bought into the Shell Vacations Club several years ago and it has been one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. We were never given our "sign on bonus trip" since the sister company didn't exist and they only sold us 2,500 points with the promise that it would give us a fantastic week long vacation in a 5 star resort.

We were told that if we saved our precious points for two years we could vacation for two weeks. What a deal!!! Or so we thought until I tried to cash in our points...I soon discovered that 2,500 points barely covers the cost of airplane tickets for two let alone a weeks vacation for four. We have fought with Shell Vacations for years to let us out of our contract...even after they admitted their sales person was wrong in misleading us and they were sorry we didn't get our "sign on bonus trip".

Then to further add insult to injury they send us a nice letter that informs us that they had a security breach at one of their offices and we may be victim's of identity theft. Well here's hoping our identity gets stolen and the thief takes over our payments. I will NEVER recommend this company!! They are crooks and have no business owning a license to sell anything.

Shame on them! BOOOOO!

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Hello Everyone,

Once again, we ask anyone here who has an issue with their membership to please contact us directly so we may have the opportunity to assist you. For those of you that feel this is a marketing group writing to you, rest assured it is not. This is the Shell Vacations Club Customer Care Department and we truly would appreciate the opportunity to address any issues anyone might be having. Again, you may send the specifics of your situation to

Thank you again and have a wonderful day.


Shell Vacations Club

Customer Care Department


Did any of you actually read the contracts you signed? Our sales rep was incredible (your mileage may vary) and very open and honest about the program and worked with us to get us into something that was affordable for us. I'm not saying there aren't some bad reps/agents out there but I get the feeling many of you are the same type of people that are in housing foreclosures because you just couldn't pass up a great deal the bank was giving you on a house that you didn't think you could afford and now you're upset with the banks because they "conned" you. As a rule of thumb, as a consumer you are responsible for being your own advocate. If you made assumptions about something without asking questions or misunderstood something and failed to get clarification before making a large investment like this then you alone are responsible for your decisions. To those who feel ripped off...

1. God provides, place your faith in Christ and you will be given all you need. Place your faith in money and you will always be lacking in fulfillment.

2. Take responsibility for your decisions in life, that's how you learn. The more you blame others and play the role of victim the more you will continue to be in these predicaments.

3. If you were in a position to invest a portion of your income on vacationing then you need to spend less time complaining and more time thanking your Lord for providing you with more than you need. You have been blessed with more than you need, you are rich! You are not owed anything, be grateful for all you have. At the end of the day it is just money. I promise, place your faith in Christ and your creator and you will be provided for.

Good day and God bless.


Hello Everyone,

We would love the opportunity to help everyone here who has had an issue with their memberhip as best we can. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to address several unique situations here on this site, so we invite you to please contact us either by phone or email at to discuss your specific situation. We would truly appreciate the opportunity to assist you and appreciate your giving us that opportunity.

Thank you and have a great day.


Shell Vacations Club Customer Care


Do you any suggestions on how I can dump out Shell Vacations points? We have some paid and some we are still paying for.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Victor


I want to dump our Shell Vacations points.Any legal suggestions on how to do that without getting ripped off would be appreciated.


Has anybody considered taking legal action against SHELL for all the misrepresentations or received any response to a demand to be released from a contract? I have been trying to sell on the secondary market for more than a year.

All I do is reduce the price hoping to get something out of it.

I'm down to 50% and may just donate it if I can't sell it. Ideas or suggestions welcome.


We have owned for 3 years, and haven't had any major issues. Seems to me lots of people on here were made promises that they never got.

But was it in writing?? The legal contract you sign is just that a legal contract, if it isn't in the contract you can't expect it.

We bought our timeshare on the secondary market, and not directly from Shell. I have kept track of our expenses and our nightly rate has averaged about 170 a night.

That includes our purchase price, annual fees, and trade fees, we have stayed in studios, 1 bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms. We are actually adding more points to our program


I signed up for the explorer program and had buyers remorse... tried to cancel...

couldnt. I went ahead and paid off my 1500 account and booked a trip to lake tahoe for 2bedroom for 3 nights 3500 points I had 2 other couples come and pay 375 to that really helped. The room was really nice, walking distance to slopes and had a billards room and raquetball court on our floor that we only shared with 1 other room (2 rooms per floor) Anyways I still have 2500 points left and am hoping it can be used for something nice... at the end of the day I prob paid what it would have cost me on my own.

the 2 night hawaii trip they offered for going to the timeshare was a scam but at the end of the day its working out ok. I will not be signing up for a full package but it was a nice way to force myself to take some vacation


Has anyone successfully gotten out of Shell? Can't sell it, can't afford it now. It's been one massive rippoff...


We own Shell vacations time share and it was our first ever time share and thE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!! The sales person made promises that were lies, but he was gone soon after and we couldn't prove anything.

The customer service is the worst ever. The employees don't know what the *** they are doing, they are constatnly misinforming customers. I wrote a huge complaint letter and I got no response. Their annual maintenance fees is so high that anyone can easily find a cheaper hotel without this *** time share.

They have so many *** numbers, they keep transferring you, cutting you off, putting you on hold for more than 45 mins and then misinform you!!!

I could go on and on but booking anything with this club is so stressful that I don't bother anymore. I use other means to book vacations and we are just holding our points and can't wait to dump this junk!!!!


bla bla bla bla :cry

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