Went to a Shell presentation on Kauai in Dec 2011. Besides the ditzy sales lady making unsubstantiated claims, their bottom line regarding points: for $28k and giving them our 3 weeks at a popular Poipu beach timeshare (cost $18k), we would get 18,000 points. Thank goodness we walked out. Went to Timeshare Resales next day and saw a sign for 6,500 points for $6,500, or $1 per point, totally legitimate, gets registered with Shell without a hitch. He said points are a creation of the marketing dept, as a way to sell underperforming inventory at high prices.

Shell offered us 18,000 points for $46k, or about $2.5/point. If you want their points, buy them on the resale market for $1/point.

Shell is a total rip off.

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Why in the *** does anyone buy this garbage . .

with all the complications, restrictions, headaches and fineprint? Just spend your money on a nice hotel .

. quit being stuiped.


this is not actually true! when you buy Shell time shares from a third party, they cannot sell you points but rather a interval of time which has no point value.

You can use this interval at the shell resort it is attached to, but there is no flexibility to break you time into nights etc.When you purchased from Shell they sold you intervals of time and then they allowed you through an agreement to be given points each year for use by Shell for your interval. this agreement from shell is not transferable to third parties. So if you purchase from a third party Shell will let you sign an agreement at a cost of $5000 to give you points each year, however, if you ever wish to sell your interval you are back to where you started, because you cannot sell our SVC points.

Sad but true! Lots of shell members love the club, but they have never tried to sell their timeshare because it worthless to anyone else.

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