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My family as owned with shell for 23 years. I dont belive most of this crazy stuff people are saying.

Shell has been in business for over 40 years under regulation of the department of realestate. I am thinking some of these angry people are actualy other time shares trying to discredit shell. The reason I belive this is because they talk about things that are features of other older style timeshares that shell has not sold in the last 10 years.

This company is not perfect but it is certainly not some of the things that you hear on this site.

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i think shell is a good company. i own 3500 points.

they cost my just under 800 dollars a year for a one bedroom.A one bedroom is somewhere around 200 - 250 or so a night. my fees never raised. I don't think they have sold a deeded timeshare in a long time. I love the points.

They are very versatile. I truly don't see where all these complaints come from.


hey smaraschino, shell have excellent customer service? i filed two complaints in two different period and was told i would get a phone call to discuss the situation and i would receive a call for a conclusion after a week. guess how many phone calls i got? ZERO!

i called/left messages/emails...tons of contact to SVC for a month. guess how many call back or email i received. ZERO! after a month they finally call me back. why you must ask? cause i finally realized SVC is a scam and started writing my story online such as this site. then i bet they finally see this and decided to do something about it! however they didnt help anyway! all they said was, THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO!

also, i wrote 6 letters to the Illinois corporate office. these are the chairman, president, VP and other high level management a month ago. guess what. i have not gotten a call or a letter in respond. so how do you think this is? still excellent customer service??


LOL do you work for Shell? only ppl who are UNhappy with SVC would google this site or any related web to talk about their story!

if you are happy why google this?


4000 points a year cost me over 5000 a year.called hotel how much for two nights without mentioning shell they told me $214.Then I called shell during slow season to book and told me that I can get it for 2550 points. They said that's a great deal.

Now that sounds like $2550 for two nights. You should call for prices first then you will understand how I feel.Call any hotel and compare


We are trying our trial 6000 pts this year. So far everyone at customer service has been very helpful and polite.


I understand that Shell doesn't have a dept. of real estate.

I worked for the company for 5 years. I can tell you there is no dept. of real estate in Hawaii, gov. or otherwise, that Shell answers to.

The only thing that dept.

does is make sure the sales people are licensed. And it's obvious you work at Shell


Hey "Surfer Girl" the "Shell Owner" was saying that Shell Vacations Club follows under regulation of the Department of Real Estate, not that Shell has a department of Real Estate. And "Johnny" it is impossible for you to not have received your gift package.

If you meet the requirements asked of you, they have to give you what they promised. Regardless, Shell is a great company and offers many destinations that are available and of very high caliber. I would highly recommend Shell for those looking for long term vacation needs.

They have excellent customer service that will help get you anywhere you want to go. Shell Vacations is A+ and I wouldn't own with any other club!


I worked for Shell in Hawaii for many years. There is no such thing as the department of realestate.


Shell In Hawaii is the biggest scam in the world. They lie and give false promises too. They did not even give me my gifts because I did not buy there *** timeshare.


Someone in your family must work for SVC. Please take a minute and try to assist other SVC owners in booking a reservation.

When it is found that most requests are not available, you will learn why those owners are upset.

My suggestion to other owners and to potential buyers/researchers is to buy into Hilton. Go Hilton!!!!


This on-line marketing company told me I was not visible on-line, when in fact I am. They told me it would be $30 per month to be on all the major network i.e.

Yahoo!, Google, etc. Three days later, I found out they lied to get a sale. They did not even finish publishing my business on-line and refused to refund my money. I had to dispute my charge and change my credit card number.

I told them I was going to the consumer affair.

Talking to them was like talking to a wall. But at least the wall will not tell no lies or steal from you.


I agree with you 100%. We have been Shell Owners for about 3 years and we have always been able to book what we need when we need it.

My only complaint would be that the Shell properties that we have stayed at do not offer free parking and free WiFi like most other hotels. Otherwise, I have been extremely happy with our vacations with Shell.

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