We have owned this timeshare for too many years and have regretted it from day 1. How can we get rid of this timeshare?

I don't want my children to be burdened with this horrible timeshare. SVC has 3 primary contacts with us as owners: 1) Harassing for money, even if paid. 2) Stating there is no availability on requested dates for use 3) Calling monthly to attempt to get you to attend an owner's meeting to try to up sell you. I would appreciate all suggestions on how to dump this timeshare.

Everything is paid and up to date! Thanks!

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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I have an idea...why don't we all get together for a conference call and obtain a lawyer to represent us in a class action lawsuite? I'm sure someone would take the case. It shouldn't cost us anything.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1059636

I also need to get of my SVC points(paid in full a long time ago) as we can no longer afford to pay the annual fees. I understand Windham now owns SVC and we never signed an agreement with Windham, personally. Does anyone have any experience with getting out of the SVC agreement without having to pay someone a fee to help us get a certified release?

Los Angeles, California, United States #645568

Please contact svclawsuit18@gmail.com with your date of memebrship purchase. I am currently working on filing a class action lawsuit and looking for class members. Thank you.

to RLM Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1247317

Looking for help with SVC also. SVC has told me that the contract means i pay them maintenance fees for the rest of my life even if I let them foreclose on the timeshare.

Waterloo, Illinois, United States #619055

how many points do you own

Bay City, Michigan, United States #606834

When you have found out that no one will buy your timeshare---there really is no secondary market for these things---you may want to consider just not paying any more yearly fees, etc. and just let it go.

You will take a hit, eventually, on your credit score, but not at all that much. Let them foreclose.

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