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Update by user May 03, 2013

We are preparing to move forward with the class action lawsuit. I am looking for other people who may be members of the CLASS, please e-mail svclawsuit18@gmail.com with details of your complaints against Shell and the dates you purchased your membership.

Thank you

Original review posted by user Mar 05, 2013

I believe SVC engages in fraudulent and unfair business practices. As mentioned by several other complaints, I bought points that are worthless.

I can never book a vacation, I continually pay increasing maintennance fees for resorts I've never been able to get into, and they call constatnly to try to bully me into spending more money on their ***. In one recent conversation that my husband had with a representative, the rep. actually yelled at my husband to go get his credit card and purchase the extra points...as if we were in the movie "Boiler Room." Are you kidding me?

If interested in joining our class action lawsuit, please contact myself and my attorney at SVClawsuit18@gmail.com.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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I would like information Dannymorrisjy@yahoo.com


Count on meRutzkj@yahoo.com


I am interested in joining the class action law suit, could you kindly provide me with additonal contact information. As soon as possible.

Marian Burris@gmail.com


I am interested


Is this still active, I am interested?


I am interested. julissa.matute18@gmail.com


My husband and I are also interested in this string and the possibility of joining. We have been in a dispute with SVC for 7 years now.

Fraudulant company full of broken promises. crystalbowlby@aol.com

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1300766

I have been a member of Shell Vacations Club since 1997 & hardly ever got to use my points. To get some use out of them I would exchange them for the ore loaded hotel, dining & book store cards - now the maintenance fees keep increasing for something I cannot use - I work full time, have student loans & am care giving my elderly parents - If this suit is going forward I would like to join - please send me information to my email account - indigo37@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #1257142

I would like to join too. I am an owner since 2004 and was unable to use it. Contact me at mtfahmy@gmail.com

Denver, Colorado, United States #1249419

I would also like to join, if this has moved forward.



We bought in 2014, tried to cancel immediately and have proof of them neglecting my multiple calls until after the 7 day cool-off period ended. I really want to be part of this! Jennahigg@gmail.com


I need information also about the law suit jbtreur@yahoo.com


Helen moss would like more info on any lawsuit spgirlhoghead@yahoo.com

Connersville, Indiana, United States #1042815

I would like to join if anything is in the works, I realize this post is 2yrs old. tshucker@aol.com

White Plains, New York, United States #905334

I am another victim and willing to join this lawsuit. Please contact me: shaseiful@gmail.com

I bought 7 years ago all of the reason I purchased they have changed in their policy. Now I have monthly fees for a club I can not use.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #898526


I'm another victim of Shell Vacation Club and willing to join in a law suit against this corporation i just need instructions were to go or direct to. I live in Phoenix Az. you can call me at 602-486-0508

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Has anything started with this class action against Shell? I would be interested in joining.

Have been paying for 5 years and gone one 1 vacation. I just need to know who to contact!!


to Jenski38 #1011983

Have you signed up for the class action lawsuit?



Did this go anywhere?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #723157

In February 2007 I attended a presentation at Shell Vacations Club’s Mountainside Lodge in Whistler, BC and based on what the Salesman told me I purchased 31,200 points for more than $128,000, now I’m stuck with a loan in excess of $115,000 plus over $30,000 in maintenance fees, ugh.

Stay away from Shell Vacations Club and timeshares period.

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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