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Just as thousands of victims have, my wife and I fell for svc's fraudulent tactics years ago. We've lost everything from money due to all their fees(many of which were never mentioned before we signed), to actual vacation time and opportunity from the extremely difficult process of booking a room/suite in what was conveyed to us as "our" timeshare(If you don't plan your vacations a year in advance and are willing to get into a booking-footrace against thousands of members for a small number of rooms/suites, the same rooms/suites that are readily available to non-members for a fraction of the price, then svc is not for you!.

I tell you this now because this IS what svc is and we can only wish that the sales person would have told us this before we signed.

I can go on and on but I'll save it for my courtroom statement against the absolute worst company I've ever and will ever deal with. Just tell me where to sign!

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Shell resolved my complaint. Thank you


email me at if anyone like to join a class action law suit

Guadalupita, New Mexico, United States #240310

Hi JJ,

I am currently working with a lawyer to file a new class action suit. Shell vacations has been no help, and the truth is they are not honest on what they sell to you.

It is all over talked and under delivered. I have tried to book my vacation even 1 year before, and they do not have availability. I end up cashing out my points and all I get is $1,000. I pay about 7,000 year, does this seam fair?

Of course not. I talked to Bonnie at Shell headquarters and said there is nothing I can do. Well she is wrong, now I am starting this new class action suit against them.

Can you contact me at and let me know more how long case took to be resolved. Thanks.


Dear Fred,

We are very sorry to hear you have not been pleased with your membership so far. Would you mind contacting us here in Customer Care with details so we can see how we might make this better for you? We are certain there is a solution as we see our program work for so many of our members on a daily basis and know it can for you too. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to assist and get you on the vacation you have been looking for.

You can contact us at 888-947-4355 or by email at Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Shell Vacations Club

Customer Care

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