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Here is ANOTHER horror story about Shell Vacations Club sending my maintenance fees to collections and will not allow me to use my points until I pay for the entire year of fees plus $300 in fees and interest tacked on by the collections agency over their failure to change my address when prompted by myself in writing caused me not to receive their letter providing me two weeks to respond.

I, as well as the folks that have posted other complaints about shell on this site, pay my loan payment faithfully each month and always have. There is simply NO WAY I will tolerate this type of treatment from these people for a mistake of their own.

Myself and my husband have excellent credit and are actually contemplating letting this whole mess go into foreclosure. We are convinced this is a complete and total scam. We are further convinced that it was a scam from the start.

My advice to anyone who is considering buying a vacation package from these folks is RUN!!!! and do not look back. You will NO DOUBT regret the decision.

I truly believe deciding to purchase was the biggest error in judgement I have EVER made. These people should be ashamed of themselves and the way they conduct their business. It's disgusting.


Monetary Loss: $900.

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Lady Lake, Florida, United States #1343174

I totally agree with ChristyK


l paid my mortgage on Shell years ago and continue paying annual fees in order to keep my credit standing. I am no longer healthy enough to utilize the services but I will still be paying until DEATH.

Anyone contemplating this arrangement should RUN as fast as you can. The salespeople are no better than a car salesman and just as unscrupulous.

to DeborahH #1405616

Instead of paying every year you have the option of using Ovation (866-313-8547) who will relieve you of your timeshare or Fidelity Real Estate (800-218-8221) who will sell your timeshare with no upfront fees. A good option, but maintenance fees must be up to date.


I agree with you. They make the mistake but want you to pay for it.

I have been trying to sell my timeshare, but they are not interested in buying it back.

I could have a nice vacation if I saved my money instead of paying the maintenance fees and other fees that come along, once you want to use your week or two weeks.

it is a rip off.


My husband an I purchased the same sort of package from Surrey Vacation Resorts in 2012 and to date we have never been able to use our points or use any of the so called vacation locations.

We have filed a complaint with the NC Attorney Generals office.

If enough people complain about these kind of crooks, something will be done.

Good Luck and like you said if anyone is thinking about purchasing one of these programs, run for your life, away from these people.

Lots of Luck


its against the law for them to charge a fee for colections service.. the law only allows them to take a percentage of what they collect..

to Anonymous Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1084669

Can you provide me with a link for this? I have tried looking for it on the web but cannot find it. I'd greatly appreciate it.


Rockville, Maryland, United States #972714

I would also wish you good luck if you ever need to change your bank account information on the website. Equiant and Shell are now technically no longer linked, the Shell site won't allow you access your Equiant information from there, and Equiant will not allow you change bank information online.

You have to reach out to Shell, who will return your call within 1 year of receiving it!

Also agree that you should run far, far away form this and not buy. I have had no luck trying to get resorts where I want, when I want, even when trying to book 6-8 months in adavance!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #919259

We have owned Shell Vacation timeshare for over 20 years. We have never!!

had a problem with them. We have always enjoyed our vacation destinations. We are always treated with welcome at whichever resort we have stayed.

Sorry about your misfortunes with Shell. We can only give them a 5 star for the service and accommodations we have had in our many years with them.

to Ocean Girl #1103443

Same here we have NEVER had a problem with shell or Equiant. we have used our timeshare for resorts, Cruises, rental cars and airlines Never a problem, always friendly and helpful. It's one of the best things we have ever done for our self's.....

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #916919

when you go thru the payments your able to select visa debit, but at a later notice they will tell you the payment didn't go thru for whatever reason and charge you a $100 late fee.

if your Canadian don't use their visa debit option


Total scam isnt the word! Fell into this while onnour honeymoon in San Francisco just to see Alcaraz Island.

My husband and I have faithfully paid on our loan and eventhiugh have been going through issues with a collections agency for maintenance fees. When we asked what our payoff amount was in 2013 after paying for this loan was told a number we couldnt afford. Now again this year we asked the same question about a payoff amount, and tell me why the amount is $2000.00 more than last year eventhough we have made every monthly payment. We have never been able to use any points within this last 7 years either because we didnt bank them on time or because we had to make a late payment.

Shell Vacations have completely ruined my credit score.

Biggest mistake of our lives. Thanks for the wedding gift Shell!

to Fed up #856450

Every time I hear the name Shell Vacations Club I, immediately, feel sick to my stomach.


run is right!!


Very true. I fell for it because of pressure from my wife who has no clue about money and because I was tired due to jetlag.

I insisted on not buying until I gave in to her nagging. I am thinking about transferring it to my mother's name, who has nothing to lose about credit, and just let it go.


Time Shares are not for everyone. I bought SVC because it forced me to take a vacation when I was working.

I am retired now. By contract Maintenance Fees must be paid or the vacation time or points will automatically be frozen. If you change your address, which I have done several times you need to call them with the change.

To avoid all the problems you and others have been facing, it would be better to have your Fees automatically paid directly from your Checking account. Just some helpful advise.


Hello Christy,

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We have looked into your account do show that we have tried to contact you via phone when the account was past due.

We always do our best to inform members of any past due charges and offer multiple ways to check balances and make payments. You can make these payments online or contact us at our call centers that are open 7 days a week.

An agent would be happy to assist you for an address change as well. We would like to help you in this matter in making sure we have the corrected address and ask that you please contact our Customer Care Department with any further details you can provide at 888-947-4355 or email us directly at customercare@shellvacationsclub.com.


We have exactly the same issue. Called twice to request yearly maintenance fee invoice, left voice mails, with no response.

Wrong address on record from 3+ years ago. They have had our e-mail address and never contacted us. We have been bounced back and forth between Shell and Equiant (collections) with no resolution to pay actual maintenance fees owed. They are insisting on collecting fines and late fees.

Timeshare is "frozen" and reservations denied. This looks to be a trend and perhaps a class action suit would stop this scam. Have owned at Kona Coast Resort II since 2004, and never had any problems prior to Shell taking over. We have 800+ credit and they have audacity to send us to collections with rip-off fees.

Shell is a sham! Avoid any financial dealings.

to S***scammed Oakland, California, United States #587956

I also had the same exact problem with the maintenance fee department.

I received no response to my voicemails and no correspondence via e-mail.

They do not correspond with customers. I was living out of the country and

paid my maintenance fees late because of no contact with the company and subsequently had hundreds of dollars of collection fees to pay on top of my already paid fees. No payment of collection fees means no booking a beach vacation.

I was subsequently bounced around fraom department to department and was

given a website to pay my fees. The website is not easy to access, yet another problem. Time to dump the Timeshare!

to S***scammed Portland, Oregon, United States #835035

This sounds like the exact same thing that is happening to us. Was wanting to know how this got resolved.

We've owned for 25 years, always paid our maintenance fees on time, and then get a letter from a collections company, (Equiant/Meridian) saying we owed even though we had yet to receive a bill for the maintenance fees. Does anyone know of a class action suit that has been filed? Would like to sign up if there is.

This is a total scam! Someone on the inside (Shell Vacations) must be turning these over to collections for a kickback.

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