My husband and I were offered a tour at shell in Anaheim. We had very good service and received our gift.

We decided to buy. We pay $99 no service maintenance fee and our contract is up in 2 yrs. I like the company and they do what they say. Like any company it depends on your sales person about their ethics.

Never sign anything without thinking about it. My husband and I love to travel. We used our movie tickets to see Iron man this week. When we got to shell it was a very professional atmosphere, our rep was a licensed real estate agent.

In California we require property to be sold through an agent. Thank's shell

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Hi everybody,

I bought shell vacations club membership on 09-03-2006. But it is complete swindle. The total price for the membership is $30239.00 and $1150.10 annual maintenance fee (they call it assessment). What I got is 7000 points/year which equal 4 weeks vacation time including everything (airfare, food, car rental…) that’s the sales told me.

I tried to book my first vacation on 09/15/2006. Their customer service told me the points can be only used for club properties, but it can be converted to purchase airfare something and the 7 points equal 1 dollar. That totally different than the sales representative told me. It’s a absolutely a trick. I pay $30239.00 plus $1015.10 every year and then I got $1000(7000points) back per year.

After figure out the whole store, I contacted shell vacation club to cancel this purchase at the same day (09/15/2006). But they don’t allow me to cancel it.

I wanna hire an attorney to fight with this company. If you have any information please share with us.


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Shell Vacations sales staff used questionable tactics and pressure tactics to try and sell an owner/time share. They talk of 5250 "points" as if they were dollars by subtracting the $679 management fee when in fact (their words) the points were convertible to $ at a 5 to 1 ratio that is 20 cents. Now my annual 5250 pts. $1050. minus $679 management fee is worth $371 a year.

This for $23,000 works out to 1.6%. If the value of the points stays at 20 cents and the maintenance does not rise. Who decides the value of the points? At 13 cents /point you earn 0%.

Put your money in a G.I.C. and go where you want

when you want.

Carp, Ontario, Canada #25196

Why is it that only the positive reviews of Shell Vacations Club use bolded words to convey their point. Seems fishy.

Lomianki, Mazowieckie, Poland #22895

I've had shell for two months and am already trying to sell it. What a pain!

hidden fees, bad service and outright lies. We were promised everything and anything to make the sale and then after we signed on the line they barely take our calls-at the Anaheim location! Happy for you, but very sad for me.

I will be paying through the nose for the rest of my life. SHELL VACATIONS IS HORRIBLE!

Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, United States #14472

I Love Shell Vacations Club. I have been an owner for over 10 Years and would never go back to what I was doing before. Sure the system isn't perfect you could buy the more expensive ones for the same problem or stick with some one who knows how to treat there customers.

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