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Hi, I am a former salesperson for the Shell Vacation Club and I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed at what I have done for the past ten years. The way Shell Vacations makes money is we tell people that a timeshare is very valuable in that it lasts forever…that you can pass it onto family members when you die.

Basically this is how we work. We apply high sales pressure on our customers and convince them to buy our timeshare for $10,000 to $20,000 – the more the better. Then, we tell them that in order for us to maintain the cleanliness of the timeshare we need to charge them $50-$100 for maintenance fees on a monthly basis. This is the real beauty of the timeshare…so that we can continue to get money from their bank account to pay for our staff.

As long as we have places people can stay in the US that cost less than the total annual costs of the maintenance fee, we make money…it's that simple. After seeing so many people lose their jobs and being unable to pay the monthly maintenance fee, we then go after them with collection agencies.

I do feel a little guilty about seeing one of our customers lose all his job and house and then see them beg for us to not take any more money out of their bank account. So that is how it works…hope this helps!

Jack Conway, Shell Vacations Sales Rep.

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Be assured, this is not unique to SVC. EVERY timeshare organization operates exactly the same way.

Disney, Marriot, etc. they are all structured with the same exact business model.

Jake, don't be ashamed. You were just doing your job. Just like the collection guy at the end of your food chain. He/she has to make a living too.

Sometimes you're the preditor, sometimes your the game.

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