my wife and i just purchased this timeshare and all we see are negative comments about this company. now i'm at this wesite and and i'm reading about the good and the bad.

are the people that are saying good reviews about this company really employees? we just want to have a timeshare that will provide the locations we want. booking in advance is no problem for us. what is the truth?

we are ready to request a refund, thank god we have until monday.

we don't want to ask for a refund. can anyone be honest?

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Powdersville, South Carolina, United States #77535

Need help with Shell? See The Owners Advocate (IA Vacations) They are a consumers advocate group who will help you cancel your contract.


Go to several timeshare presentations and do research. SVC was no match to Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

The sales rep Ron in San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf was dishonest with his VERBAL presentation and it truly is hard to book reservations. Here is a short example, you can make 2 transactions per year, anything more there is a transaction fee. Transaction is making a reservation, banking points, etc.

To ease your pain, SVC suggests booking all your vacations at one time to save you that fee. I am just hoping to deal with what I have and hopefully SVC will improve.


So did you keep your Shell Vacation Club, we just purchased one two weeks ago, I wish I would have went online the day after and didn't. I have not sent my final payment and I am scared on what really is the truth?


Shell vacations is not bad, once you learn to use the program, its great. most people are not that smart and they cant learn the point system.

Miami Lakes, Florida, United States #24676

I rescinded our ownership purchase today because of all of the reviews I read on the internet. Plus, I'd rather buy re-sale and save a ton of money than buy through the developer. I would get your money back!

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