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John Truitt

Aug 28, 2019, 3:55 AM (8 days ago)

to nina.middleton

So much to say about the hurt , anger and sadness these most egregious actions gave to me it bothers me most knowing how much it affected Mom.

Facts: 2 never knocking or ringing doorbell walk in's with Do not Disturb on door by an African American man while I was out of town both times and the second time my Mother was in the shower!!!! All they told her was they thought the condo was empty but nothing else!

Again she is at 84lbs. Stage 4 , terminal abdominal and colon cancer in month 18 after only given 12 months to live. Also , the 2nd time it sent her to Chandler Regional with an uncontrollable heart rate / pulse.

Housekeeping knocking at 10:15-10:20

3 times!

Sunday Mom opened door to 2 police officers and an OVER ZEALOUS security guy wanting to kick her and I out! Literally smiling and saying the big boss wants you guys out (meaning Michele Caminidi) no doubt bc of my very direct and honest complaint to you.

Police and security said Monday by 11 and at 9 Mom opened the door to Caminidi and security letting her know she had 2 go!!!

Same day many security visits and calls as I with ALS did what I could to get all items out by 11. Had my driver pick Mom up and take her to La Quinta. I got everything out , called Wyndham Diamond and after they called LGR then said they could not help me and are only given 10 minutes to help and have to go!?? Called my attorney Bob Rucci and he said get out of there and stop communicating at that level.

Caminidi and subordinates defamed my character by saying I am not on Angels contract with LGR and did not believe I was even a Diamond member?? I never said I worked for the Angels or on a contract. I am close to many in the organization and do work for them from all levels. Rates for ANYONE were or are the same if not cheaper than the Angels $99 rate.

Ok , sorry but much more including condo issues and details that any executives and/or owners would be appalled at but I have to share this: Physically I needed help getting everything out but even a luggage cart was not allowed for me to use so I called a courier friend to get Mom's belongings including her medicine.

I paid him $100 but LGR MGMT refused to let him retrieve anything until I "squared up"!!! Mom's Eliquis , nebulizer and much more are MUST HAVE'S!! THEN after 5 on Sunday was told all belongings could be retrieved but only from 8-5 so I had to take Mom to urgent care for a breathing treatment!!

Mom cried most of Sunday night bc of their treatment towards both of us. I paid another $100 to get all belongings Monday.

I thank you and Mom thanks you ,

John Truitt

MLB Independent Scout

Trufitt Fitness Owner

Scottsdale, San Diego, Vegas



"It's better to be a lion for

a day than a sheep for years"

Product or Service Mentioned: Shell Vacations Club Customer Care.

Reason of review: many violations.

Preferred solution: undetermined.

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